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When I was in college I worked at a convenience store in Westtown (Landhope Farms - essentially another locally based Wawa-type chain, but with better ice cream). This was my first legal job (i.e. one that required a W2 form, and the filing of tax returns).

Although we were within bicycling distance from Cheyney State College (now Cheyney University - the oldest historically black college in the US), the staff at my store was all white. Our manager, Charles, gave us the following instructions for when "Those People" came in asking for jobs.

Tell them we're out of applications and to come back later. Those application forms cost us money.

If they see you giving an application to someone else, you have to give them one, and then bring it to the back room and throw it out.

After I escaped that job, apparently a complaint was filed with the admin folks at the main office and Charles was ordered to hire some black people. He hired the most thuggish looking black people he could find and within a month replaced most of the white staff with these people. Lots of merchandise and cash went missing. Charles said, "See, you can't trust Those People," and fired the lot. That store went back to having an all-white staff.

Years later, I ran into Charles. He was working as a gas station attendant. Apparently he'd gotten so used to the extra cash that had made its way into his accounts during the time he had black people "stealing from" him that he began mucking with the books so he could continue to subsidize his income, and now was no longer managing anyone.
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