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I've been reading through the entries on SF Signal on gender imbalance in genre fiction publishing:

There's some very interesting stuff said there. One particular bit caught my eye, though:

Here's an old one: We feel better with male authority than with female authority. And yet, when you look at who organizes things, who gets things done, who herds the cats, a lot of times it's a female who acts with personal authority. But to give that female the official title of "Boss" makes us all feel hinky. We'll follow her direction, do what she says, even go into battle for her, but only if she's an administrative assistant as opposed to a General.

That's a prejudice we're probably not even aware of. Examine yourself. How many women bosses have you ever truly liked? How many male? Even if you have never liked any boss, you probably absolutely hated the women bosses and merely disliked the male ones.

I have to say that once I entered the tech world, I've not had a female boss. As someone in a position of some authority in a couple companies, I did take what steps I could to hire women into technical jobs, though the pool of applicants tended to be slim.

In my pre-tech life, I liked about an even number of male and female bosses. On the other hand, the list of absolutely abominable male bosses far outnumbered that of abominable female bosses. I'm not quite sure why - I suppose that in the 80s and early 90s, perhaps women were less likely than men to be promoted to positions beyond their abilities and then bully their underlings to hide their incompetence.
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