brni (brni) wrote,

what have they done to its eyes?

I have vivid memories of this image on the television - black and white. I figured it was early 70s, but Linda said it was from the 60s, and IMDB tells us it came out in 1968. I was three. Still, I remember seeing the ad, and I remember my parents going to see it, and I remember them refusing to tell me about it. It was disturbing enough that I find I have been avoiding watching this movie for the next forty years.

Watched it tonight. Polanski is brilliant. What is it about his stuff that leaves such intense and long-lasting images for me? The opening scene of his MacBeth is the inspiration for my story in Age of Blood & Snow.

Now showing: Gothic, with Gabriel Byrne as Byron, soundtrack by Mr Thomas Dolby, and of course, directed by Ken Russell.
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