brni (brni) wrote,

pleasant surprises

Tuesday night is open mic night at Guppies, in Conshohocken. Bill, from my karate school, hosts it. I've been going there for a bit, lending a bit of bass to the mix. The performers are of wildly varying abilities, much as you'd expect from an open mic.

Every once in a while you get a pleasant surprise, tho.

A woman came in, kinda shyly asked if she could sign up. Yeah, of course. And Bill's looking at her like he knows her from somewhere. So she takes the signup sheet, signs her name, and there's that flash of recognization on Bill's face. "You get to hear a real pro tonight," he says to me. "I produced a couple events that she played, a while back."

Vanida Gail was everything Bill said, and more. The closest comparison I can make is to Joan Armatrading. She graced us with four songs, and more than once I got chills. I'm a cynical, jaded bastard. I don't get chills.


So keep an eye out for her, and go see her if you get a chance.
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