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My story, The Path that Few Have Trod, has been accepted for publication in Trail of Indiscretion. It will most likely be in issue #10 or #11 (summer or fall of 2008).

Another story, Fey Fatale, has been accepted for the upcoming anthology, Syren Songs.


My father is in Tel Aviv. He's finished up a longish conference in Jordan and is now sight-seeing around Israel.

He tells me that he can remember my email address because "kappamaki" reminds him of "kapama," which is a Serbian casserole. In the end, it all comes down to food, I guess.

One of the places he visited was an ancient site, referred to in the dead sea scrolls, called Petra. Petra is a city built into the cliffs by the Bedouin, some 2000 years ago, destroyed by earthquake in 363 AD, and then mostly forgotten until 1812.

I do not believe there is any connection between the discovery of Petra and the War of 1812, or the Overture. But one should never underestimate the Illuminati.fnord


Linda's father is a bit more stable, it seems, both physically and mentally, though this seems to fluctuate. He's been released from the hospital and is now in a nursing home under short-term rehabilitative treatment. There is a possibility that this will become long-term. As he is, he's utterly unable to care for himself - he doesn't eat, or take his heart meds, or any of that.

He told the nurse at the home that he has no family. That his father left his mother to go back to Norway a couple months ago, and his mother was home all alone. He said that he'd been kicked out of his house and wasn't allowed to go home until he'd redeemed himself, but he wasn't real clear on what it was that he'd done that warranted being kicked out.


Last, but not least, a very dear friend's sister is in the hospital with pneumonia. We're all worried about her. I don't much believe in the power of good wishes and prayer and all that to effect an outcome, but it certainly can't hurt.
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