brni (brni) wrote,

wild is the wind

The alarm radio did a piss-poor job of waking me this morning. Instead it infected my dreams, and I found myself in the uncomfortable position of trying to remove a whole pile of stuff wrapped in loud crumpled paper and plastic from in front of David Bowie so the cameras could see him, as he sat at a table next to Mick Jagger and sang. My mission was to unobtrusively remove all the stuff during the performance. Bowie looked at me, puzzled and annoyed, as the paper and plastic crackled in my hands into the microphone. His lower teeth were crooked and chipped.

Balticon is over. I'm still all wound up. The whole thing has been rather surreal, going all the way back to when I picked up Bad-Ass Faeries at Faeriecon last October for ossobucco.

In the whirlwind that was this weekend, I have autographed books, received complementary comments on my stories by readers, met the inestimably wonderful elainecorvidae (author of the Shadow Fey trilogy) and her consort, taken a crash course in the whacky world of publishing, imbibed to excess, witnessed spectacular (and spectacularly awful) costumes, commiserated over the death of Utah Phillips with Peter S. Beagle, and taught a teenage boy that the Vulcan Nerve Pinch doesn't actually work, but the Aikido Wrist Lock does. I got to pretend to be a knowledgeable person regarding web design in front of people, while astoundingly hungover, which I guess obligates me to actually get a reasonable web site online in the near future. I have discovered potential resources for future publication.

Well, time to run along and get back to real life.

Wish me luck.
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