brni (brni) wrote,

breaking the skin

There are certain rituals that require the spilling of blood, knife drawn sharply through skin and tendon and across arteries, the lifeblood pulsing hot and thick with every heartbeat.

Other rituals are perhaps less intrusive, though no less permanent: a sacrifice not of a single knife stroke, but of hundreds of thousands of pinpricks. The blood is extracted from the body, oozing from a million minute holes, to be replaced with a different liquid. The ink takes up residence in the skin, becomes part of the body. The skin provides the structure within which the ink finds its nature, its shape, its form. And through the incorporation of its form into our bodies, we bring a bit of its nature into ours.

Yet other rituals involve a more significant piercing of the tissues, hollow needle cutting through tender flesh, filled not with ink but with surgical steel. This ritual apparently also helps alleviate boredom in those who are easily distracted.

There will be pictures.
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