brni (brni) wrote,

how to break the kid working at the likker store (or Friday Nights In The Suburbs)

We set two bottles of sake and a bottle of Bush Mills on the counter. The clerk picked up the whiskey bottle to scan it.

"Will that be everything?" he asked.

I looked at the bottle he was holding. "Yeah," I said. "I think that'll get us through the night."

He snorted, choked, and coughed. If he'd been drinking a coke, I'd have been thoroughly drenched. He was trying to apologize when Linda picked up one of the tiny bottles of vodka they have at the counter.

"Look!" she said. "They have little bottles, like in the airplanes. We could buy a whole bunch of them and pretend we're going for on a trip."

"And we could get a little fridge and a mini bar and set it up in our bedroom. We could have a virtual vacation. Watch the travel channel."

"And then we'll blog about it," Linda said.

And that was about it for the clerk.
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