brni (brni) wrote,


Today (um, yesterday, I guess, by now), I was asked by the cute, dreadlocked, tattooed waitress as I sat tapping at my computer at a lunch-food procurement facility, whether I was a writer.

For the first time, I didn't say, "I mess with it a bit," or "Just sorta on the side," or "Only on TV."

I did hesitate.

And then I said, "Yes."


(I am, btw, still looking for a name for a princess. That, and a final read-through for stupid errors, and I'll have a story for y'all.)


While at the same lunch-food procurement facility, I overheard a conversation between someone in a management position there and a new employee. The price for white flour, he said, has gone way up. Wheat flour and rye flour prices have tripled. Apparently there's been a move by a number of the larger companies that produce products with flour to buy ALL the available flour and stockpile it, further driving up the price, with the intention of driving the smaller companies out of business. As a result, flour distributors have instituted a rationing program.

While this is going on, we will continue to see more and more grain fields convert to biofuel corn fields.

The implications of false Green-ness are staggering.
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