brni (brni) wrote,

I'm glad I wasn't driving, is all I can say.

Harvey Bainbridge (ex-keyboardist of Hawkwind) and Cyndee Lee Rule (roving space violinist) were playing a gig out in New Jersey somewhere, and at the last minute, the venue was shut down for emergency repairs. So Cyndee decided to hold the show in her living room.

There were a dozen of us, all told, or maybe a baker's dozen. Cyndee did a solo set, and then Harvey came out to play. His keyboard was set up at the top of a short set of stairs leading up from the living room - he commented that it was his first time "on stair." And then the music started. Loud, throbbing, pulsing sounds; the improvised interplay of keys and violin. The light came primarily from various tripping toys scattered around the room. Occasionally multicolored strobes at different frequencies would come on, and I'd watch the ceiling fan in stagger-step stop-motion.

And I went into another place.

That's not really happened to me before. Not without some serious hallucinagens, at least.

I don't even know how to describe it.

Talking to Harvey after, I told him that it put me into a trance-state.

He smiled. "It's designed to do that," he said softly.
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