brni (brni) wrote,

we can has p0dz

The Yugoslavs are coming. On Monday, Ilija is bringing his crew to begin a two-week project of tearing our lives apart. They will be painting the ground floor - living room, kitchen and "bad room," putting in new ceilings in the kitchen and bad room, sanding and refinishing the floor in the bad room.

In case you are wondering, the bad room is the place where you sleep. Ilija spells it the way he pronounces it.

They will also be refinishing the basement - pulling up the old tiles that I wasn't able to get, ripping out the walls and the rug. Then they'll be putting in new walls, new carpet, ceramic tiles in the "wet" areas (laundry, water heater, etc), and creating, ex-nihilo, a powder room.

This means that we need to contract all our stuffs into 1/3rd the space.

Hence the Pod.

The guys showed up with a Pod on a truck, looked at our driveway and said, "Hm. That's gonna be a problem." The "Machine" opens up to 12 feet, you see. They attached the pod to this robot thing with wheels - it was somewhat reminiscent of the multi-level parking machines they have in NYC, but mobile. It extended legs to the ground and lifted the Pod off the truck, then they pulled the truck out from under it and lowered the Pod to the driveway. Then it raised itself up like a giant metal spider and went over the Pod and out into the street.

"You have the coolest job ever!" Linda told the guy.

This weekend will be spent packing our lives up and filling said Pod. The Boy will hopefully be coming to help move the heavy stuff on Sunday. Sunday night may be reserved for sake.

Lots and lots of sake.
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