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national kick da bum out day update

just got back

there was an actual line, almost like a real democracy. haven't actually seen one of those outside of the after-work rush.

4 years ago, my friend tony ran into an issue - someone who knew he was voting democratic tried to physically prevent him from getting into the building. in ohio there's apparently a campaign by the republicans to have thousands of people go to the polls to "challenge" democrats who try to vote. this tactic of intimidation was upheld by the courts. the other thing in ohio that went to the courts (and i don't know how this panned out) is that republicans have challenged and had stricken from the voter registration lists the names of anyone registered democrat that has ever had mail marked "addressee unknown, return to sender," thereby eliminating 35000 democrats from the available pool of voters. in colorado, the tactic is a little different, and senator daschle managed to get a restraining order to prevent it. the plan was for republicans to follow native americans out of the polls to their cars, and write down their tag numbers, thereby discouraging native americans from showing up at all.

in a real democracy, people WANT a high voter turnout - that means that the people actually ARE choosing. here, we do everything we can to keep people out of the polls.

anyway, i voted. the greens lost some of my votes, because i felt that a statement needed to be made against the republicans. i even voted against arlen spector, who is actually a reasonably decent moderate senator (i remember watching him in '95 publically be the only republican on the hill to refuse to play newt gingrich's game, and i have a lot of respect for that. it's unusual to be in a position where you get to choose between two reasonably decent choices.

there was one position where i didn't vote democrat. bob flick was running unopposed as state representative of the 167th district. i don't vote for people who run unopposed, no matter what, and certainly not for him. so kim wright has at least one vote for a public office, and i encourage her to get her act together by the next election and run officially, as an Eldritch Party representative. or perhaps for the US Monster Raving Loony Party. tho that might be misconstrued as subservience to the queen or something...
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