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voting and grits

There's an old Laurie Anderson piece where she describes going on tour down south. And she's in this diner, somewhere in Alabama or some such place, and she's reading the menu, and there's grits on the menu. So when the waitress comes up, she gives her order, and then she asks, "What are grits?"

"Extra," says the waitress.

"Yes, but what are grits?" asks Ms. Anderson. She is a New Yorker whose only experience of grits at the time was most likely the same as mine: the TV show Alice.

"Grits are extra," the waitress says, patiently.

"I'll take the grits."

(thanks to linda for the link)


Yesterday I was accosted by the Obama campaign. Yes, unbelievably, the primary candidates (what's left of them) are actually paying attention to us Pennsylhoovians. I stopped at the coffee shop to get a cup of tea and maybe an hour of writing time, and there they were, asking everyone who walked in the door whether they were registered to vote.

They were happy to help anyone who was unregistered to get registered, of course, particularly the young folks who are likely to vote for Mssr. Obama, but the people they were really targeting were Republicans. There's a lot of Republicans out there who are really disaffected by the Bush Administration, but they really don't want Hillary Clinton in the White House. So this particular group was harvesting Republicans, getting them to re-register as Democrats for this primary ("Oh, yes, you can re-register as Republican right after the primary") so that they can vote for Obama.

And I know campaigns are ugly, and shit like this goes on all the time. But it still strikes a sour note for me.


P.S. Did you know that the Wikipedia entry on "dime novels" has a section on the penny dreadful? inflation? or confusion?


P.P.S. I received 50 spams while writing this post.
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