brni (brni) wrote,

Bernie For a Day

Yesterday I camped at the Gryphon Cafe and tried to beat and carve a story into shape. It was a busy day, and for a time I ended up sharing a table with a young woman named Kate and an older woman named Mary, who was, it appeared, Kate's future mother-in-law. They were trying to work out details of the wedding. The wedding's over a year away, but apparently all the reservations and such need to be made within the next two weeks. The maid of honor was supposed to have met them as well to help with the planning, but apparently she got called away last minute.

Turns out the maid of honor's name is Bernie.

So I ended up being Surrogate Bernie, and helped them choose stationary, discussed the pros and cons of different reception halls and the politics of extended family (she's Catholic, and apparently her parents were insistent on inviting all the distant cousins, such that if they went with the 300 seat reception hall, she wouldn't be able to invite any of her friends). I told her that her close friends are her chosen family, the family that her family don't recognize. Her mother-in-law and I both reminded her that she is perfectly within her rights to strike the "and obey" from the vows.

"I can do that?"

Yes. People write their own vows all the time. And any priest who'd insist on keeping that in wouldn't be officiating a wedding with an Episcopalian anyway.

Kate looked relieved.
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