brni (brni) wrote,

the yellow wasp of judgement

As with the products of Donald Trump's efforts, conceptions of "quality" need to be viewed with a liberal eye when dealing with all things Balkan.

Tonight, in an attempt to gain inspiration in editing a story about liquor, I broke open a bottle of Slivovics that my father gave me. It's called "žuta osa," or yellow wasp (yellow jacket). They don't call it Organic, but they say that they use only the plums that the yellow jackets go to, which are the very ripe, unsprayed plums. It's tasty. It's special. The bottle comes in a box, like some of the high-end single malts. But the box is made of thin, almost inconsequential paper. The bottle has a wax seal. But there's no cork; it's a screw-top cap, and the wax seal just sits on top of the cap, pointlessly.

But it is very tasty.
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