brni (brni) wrote,

a post about food and culture

This morning, lsaboe gave a sharp intake breath and then giggled nervously. I looked over and she was staring in horror at her laptop, eyes wide, hand covering her mouth.

"You look like you've seen something horrifying, yet amusing," I said.

She nodded. "I'm not sure about the amusing part. Have you seen Kij's post?"

I nodded, knowing full well which post she spoke of.

She looked back at her screen. "I'm going to have to excise the Norwegian part of me."

(It is, btw, lsaboe's birthday today. Happy Birthday!)

There exists on NPR a show called Selected Shorts, in which actors of varying degrees of fame read short stories (aloud - else it would be a very boring hour-long radio show indeed!). One day, they had a story in which a young Jewish man was visiting his family with his fiancee. This was the first time she would be meeting the family; in fact, the family had not even been aware that he had been in a serious relationship for years. He had hidden this fact because he knew there would be somewhat of a firestorm of disapproval because she was a goy. They had dinner together, and everything went well. Everyone was on their best behavior, and the young man's bride-to-be was charming and lovely.

After dinner, the young man's mother drew him aside. Oh no, he thought, here it comes. Here was the lecture about religion, about the history of their people. Here was the lecture about what a mixed-faith household would do to their children (her grandchildren!).

"Debbie's a very nice girl," his mother said. "I think that I can speak for the whole family when I say that we really like her, and we're all happy that you are happy. But..." She paused and lowered her voice. "Have you seen what those people do to food?"
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