brni (brni) wrote,

Morons on the Road

Watching the teevee today reminded me of a song I wrote while driving through a snowstorm. I was on route 202, traveling at a sane rate of speed, along with several other vehicles. Suddenly some asshole in a 4WD SUV comes speeding by, swerving and spitting snow in all directions. He drove one of the cars in front of me off the road and kept going. We all stopped and helped push the guy out of the snow, then got back in our respective cars and kept going. About a mile down the road, the aforementioned SUV was lying in the ditch between the northbound and southbound lanes. None of us stopped to help him out.

I looked for the lyrics, but I can't find them. The files with all my lyrics are gone. I'm not sure what happened to my folder of lyrics. Probably lost in a basement somewhere.
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