brni (brni) wrote,

the play's the thing, and alla that

Last night, westlinwind and I made our way into the humble city of Philadelphia to watch an all-male rendition of The Misanthrope at the Adrienne Theatre's Second Stage. It's a small venue, and sold out. A line of people had come, hoping to snag entry should someone with tickets not arrive. Alas, most of them were turned away, unfulfilled and unfabulous. Well worth seeing. I'm not sure how faithful it was to the original, having never seen it. But there were some amazing lines that took so many simultaneous meanings when spoken between two men. Heh.

Afterwards, we endeavored to seek out the secret hidden lair of the earlofgrey, and met with resounding success. Tonight, we prepared the fish that Jack so generously provided, and I have entirely renewed my respect for the art of fishmongery. She had asked if I wanted the skin removed, and, naively thinking, mmm, crunchy fish skin sometimes adds a bit to the meal, I declined. I'd completely forgotten that fish have scales. After an abortive attempt to scale the fish, I decided to remove the skin.

Stubborn fucker, that fish.
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