brni (brni) wrote,

do you don't you want me to love you

It's been a while, so when my old friend Bruce emailed me to tell me he and some guys were jammin', and they needed a bass player, I jumped at the chance. One hour into it, I noticed that when I plucked the strings, the skin on my fingertips slid around independently of the rest of my finger. Two hours after that, I played the last song using a beer bottle to strike the strings. The blisters are... intense. The one on my index finger is the size of a dime. Typing is, well, interesting.

It wasn't really what I'm used to playing. All covers - the Dead, Rolling Stones, Sublime, etc., etc., etc. But all good fun.

They want me to come back, so I guess I'll rebuild those callouses.

Maybe I'll get new strings for the Chapman Stick and try to build up some chops on that thing.
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