brni (brni) wrote,

This just in from one of our vendors:

Today is a big day for Rackspace as we unveil a re-branding and an
important strategy shift into IT hosting. From now on we'll be known
simply as Rackspace. The Managed Hosting part of our name has been
retired. Not because we'll no longer offer managed hosting, the core
of our expertise and business, but because we offer our customers
additional hosted services. As we offer even more services we'll
deliver them as we always have - with Fanatical Support(R). With
that in mind, we have even altered our logo to include
Fanatiguy™, our long-standing icon for Fanatical Support(R),
to reaffirm and strengthen our dedication to supporting our

And I'm wondering just how much it's costing them to do this. How much in web page redesign, logo redesign, new stationary, business cards for employees, etc.? How much in marketing team person-hours? Simply to be able to say "yo, we've added a productline." So I brought up the web page and got an instant "Live Sales Assistant" window.

Welcome to Rackspace. My name is Thomas and I am a Live assistant. How may I help you today?
Thomas: Hello, what brings you to our site today?
you: hi. sorry, i was looking for rackspace managed hosting.
you: not rackspace.
Thomas: That is us:)

Good to know. I was worried there for a minute.
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