brni (brni) wrote,

my first car

I avoided driving for as long as I could. I couldn't afford the insurance (my parents said I could get my license as long as I was willing to pay the insurance increase), so I put it off until I was getting ready to go to college. I was going to be commuting, which, y'know, required commuting.

So, out of the blue, my Aunt Ivanka's husband Stanley announces that he's bought me a car. All we need to do is come down to Florida and pick it up. I got my learner's permit and off we went to Florida. Driving back was going to be interesting - talk about on-the-road training.

When we got to Florida, I was presented with my new car: a rusty, monkey-shit brown Chevy Chevette. Not my first choice, but hell, a free car is a free car.

Except when it's not.

He wanted us to reimburse him $2000. More than twice what it was worth.

My Dad told me we'd take it for a test drive and decide later whether the money was worth creating a family rift. So, we take it around the block, and my dad decided I should learn how to drive on the highway. We get on the highway and in short order we're in a traffic jam. And the transmission light comes on.

We got off at the next exit and found a garage. The guys there took a look at it and announced that it needed a new transmission. Suddenly my sub-$1000 car had jumped from $2000 to $3000. We drove it back to Stanley's house and told him we didn't want it.

He didn't take it well. He tried to bully us into buying it.

We refused. "We can't even drive it back to Pennsylvania."

"Well, what the hell am I supposed to do with it?" There was anger, and he didn't speak to us much for a few years.

But that wasn't our problem. We drove home, and I had three days to find and purchase a car, get comfortable driving it, and take my driver's test, before the first day of classes.
Tags: automotive
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