brni (brni) wrote,

and the US DEA's jurisdiction includes Canada how?

Mark Emery, a leading proponent in Canada for the legalization of Marijuana, has accepted a plea agreement with the US DEA. He will be sentenced to 10 years, of which a minimum of 5 years must be served in prison. Part of this time will be served in the United States.

Emery and two others were arrested for selling cannabis seeds and donating the proceeds to pro-legalization lobbying activities. This, the United States calls "money laundering," and is a large part of its case against them. One of the others, Michelle Rainey, has a serious case of Crohn's Disease, and it is expected that if she is sent to a US jail, she will die there. Part of the plea agreement ensures that Michelle will not go to jail.

And while he has long seemed to court martyrdom, Emery is by no means sanguine about what is happening. He is angry at local lawyers for failing to come up with a viable defence. "They had two years and $90,000 and they came up with nothing," he fumed. "John Conroy called me up and said 'take the deal - Michelle will die in jail. Michelle will die in jail!' What can I say to that?"

The other part of the plea agreement is that Emery must waive all his rights to appeal and may not request or accept early parole.
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