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loki is sick. this is the third time. symptoms are similar to lime or flu, body ache, etc. she has trouble walking, can't jump. she cries out in pain. she spends all her time lying down. but she does have her appetite - she eats her food. she's tested clear of lime and of other bacterial stuff, last two times 'round. they did bloodwork and looked for cancer, but didn't see anything of concern. we've got a 9am appt with the vet tomorrow. maybe they'll figure something out this time around.


in other news, my mom's dog died yesterday. she's been failing for a while, kidneys and such starting to shut down. they got back from florida on saturday and i dropped by to see them. madame fifi (she's a poodle) hadn't eaten for two days, and had not gotten up out of her bed at all since they'd gotten home. when my brother and i were leaving, she did get up and came over to us. she looked at us and trembled and looked terribly sad. i had a feeling that was the last time i was going to see her. i suspect she knew that too.


and, speaking of death, it appears that Vampira has died.

Maila Nurmi passed away from natural causes on January
10th, 2008 in Los Angeles. She was 86. The reason there
was no official word is that there is no official source
of information. She had no manager and was, most of the
time, reclusive.

Vampira represented a lost, nearly forgotten time when
monsters were created in labs, lived in Transylvania and
had to avoid the full moon.
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