brni (brni) wrote,

Yo people. We got da roses here. TADAY!

5am. We've parked and are walking to the hotel, and we have to navigate the boxes of roses, the potted pussy willows, the detritus of the plants already brought into the flower shops that line 28th Street. One shop owner berates his employees for moving too slowly.

Perhaps it would have gone better with a couple fifths of vodka.

We have failed, utterly and spectacularly, in achieving any of our aims tonight. For me, this process started last friday, driving to Virginia to pick up gear to install in NY. I've been here (in NY) since Monday morning, working with 2 others (who flew in from Chicago) to get set up for tonight's festivities.

Thanks to incorrect port assignments, stealthily moved fiber patches, and just plain fuckedness, the three 15 minute procedures planned for midnight and 2am all completely failed. Everything that follows from those... well, that fails too.

The two guys staffing telX tonight were either both Polish, or one Polish and one Russian. Either way, I'm sure by the time we finished the first bottle, we'd all have been ready to make unauthorized crossconnects. Alas, we're unlikely to know.

In the morning (around 8am? - about 2.5 hours from now), I expect to be getting calls about this, and may (perhaps) be able to defuckify one thing. Unless I sleep through the call.
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