brni (brni) wrote,

United, Flight 367

Rene Descartes frowned at his copy of Being and Time. These German's writing, he thought, is much like their cooking: indigestible. He pushed the button on the arm-rest and leaned back in the relatively comfortable first class seat. Then he turned the page, and cursed at the audacity of this lunatic who insisted on verbing perfectly good nouns. It was commonly acknowledged that atheists resort to all manner of absurdity to prove an argument, since they didn't have God to back them up.

The stewardess approached with a cart. "Would you like a drink, sir?"

Descartes blinked at her, irritated at having been interrupted. The thought of re-reading even a paragraph to find his place was odious. He suppressed it, and replied to her brusquely.

"I think not," he said.

And disappeared.


Your mission: write an interpretation of an existing joke you are fond of and post it in your blog.

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