brni (brni) wrote,

19 tequilas later we had a deal

4:03 am, late in the night after the xmas party. The last of the revelers went home a bit after 3, or have bedded down for the night. I've completed the second round of cleanup. i'm sitting next to the tree, which glows serenely. Across the room, Allison sleeps on the sofa; Loki has appropriated her for the evening, and the two lie curled up together under the blankets, Loki's head resting on Allison's shoulder.

I completely and utterly forgot to give Nita her gift. Damn.

We'd had some reservations about whether we'd be able to pull off a proper band-room/bar area, what with the water heater leak and subsequent damage earlier this year, but I got things put away reasonably well, and Jesse got the equipment all set up and powered. The bar was more than well-stocked - no cause for complaints there.

The rakija received mixed reviews. The Lagavulin was properly admired by one and all. I was surprised at what got drunk, though. I have a bottle of cheap, rot-gut Old Overholt Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey. It's nigh-empty. The beer, despite a significant number of Jesse's friends visiting, was largely untouched. Linda's got her work cut out for her... (I'm not much of a beer drinker, you see.)

The band room was largely a success, though the music was very clearly a failure. All the instruments came out, including the accordion and the bag pipes. Lindsey played my trombone - she's got some trumpet in her CV, but never got to play a trombone. Matt and Wyatt mucked with the accordion. Jesse played drums and bass and offered to play the didgeridoo into people's crotches. Alex tried to get the Chapman stick to make sense, and mucked with the bagpipes. I played bass for a bit, but nobody was picking up the lead. Alas. All we needed was a guitar.

19 tequilas later, Jesse decided that we should spar. Given that we had about 8 square feet within which to do so, there weren't much by ways of kicks (though Jess can get a good, fast roundhouse in very tight quarters - damn I wish I had that kind of flexibility). He's gonna partner up with me for training for my 2nd degree. Yea! He's been teaching Lindsey some stuff. She's got good reflexes and good instincts. And Allison's been doing martial arts at Towson - mostly brazillian jujitsu, plus some judo and other stuff. She showed me some of the locks they use.

I'm hoping Allison and her boy can come up to visit Changs at some point. Perhaps some time when I'm in Ashburn, if the trip back would get me to Towson at the right time, I could sit in on one of their classes.


In other news, today my laptop decided to demonstrate a new level of catastrophic failure - the sudden shutdown with no warning. The power management on this thing is getting worse, and I don't think I can postpone dealing with it for much longer.

Which sucks.

I'm thinking of getting a new laptop - one of the new Macbooks - but I need to find out some critical information about licensing and USB-expresscard adaptors before I do so. The wireless broadband access is really key to being able to function remotely.

My drink is done, and I am properly shitfaced. It's 4:37, and I'm in need of bed. There's bagels for the morning, and we have enough coffee to choke a goat, so survival through tomorrow is assured, but I fear I must visit my bed soon.

Tomorrow, I shall perhaps visit a company I've been doing some work for, and explore the laptop situation further. If I haven't damaged myself too significantly, I may even try to get to karate.

Stranger things have happened
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