brni (brni) wrote,

i am in chicago

and i have forgotten my hairbrush.

air travel has certainly changed from when i was a kid. yesterday morning i threw a shirt, a pair of socks and a pair of boxes into a plastic bag and stuffed it into my laptop bag. added a toothbrush to the mix and i was off.

i remember my mother traveling. she had a suitcase for her clothes, another for dresses and such that shouldn't be crammed all together, and then another dedicated solely to her cosmetics. That was the heavy one.

i discovered last night that brazillian barbeque is not my thing. even though there's a hearty salad bar (did you know cheese ravioli in thick cream sauce and lasagna are salads?), the wave after wave of waitrons bringing meat on spits in front of one's face is disconcerting. apparently, the food in general disagreed with me, alas.

there is no coffee.

and i will NOT resort to drinking diet pepsi for my fix.
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