brni (brni) wrote,


I didn't see it from the beginning.

And it's a really stupid concept for a movie. But then, Blake Edwards movies are generally pretty stupid, concept-wise. And this one doesn't even have Peter Sellers in it to make it work.

But it does has Ellen Barkin.

And I swear, she should have won an Oscar for best male lead as Steve Brooks, the male-chauvinistic, homophobic asshole who, after one of his girlfriends murders him, is sent back to earth as Ellen Barkin with the knowledge that unless he can find one human female who actually likes him, he'll never be allowed into Heaven.

It was on late the other night, and I found it flipping through channels after Linda went to bed - I tend to look for mindless background crap that won't distract me as I write. It had already started, and looked mindless enough. About 5 minutes later, I was snorting with laughter and clicked "record" on the DVR so Linda could see it, because Ellen Barkin just completely nailed a whole range of macho male mannerisms.

Switch is worth seeing just for the scene where Steve/Amanda is trying to figure out how to casually cross her legs in a miniskirt, but it was the jogging scene that got Linda laughing so hard that we had stop the movie because she was missing it, rewind, start again, stop again so she could go pee, and then finally finish watching the movie.
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