brni (brni) wrote,

driving by moonlight


so i need a new headlight and side-view mirror, and probably new paint on my fender and hood. the thing that hit me at high speed on rt 95 was apparently made of rubber, presumably a truck tire tread, which is far better that what i feared when i was trying to examine the damage in the dark. no deer or humans were harmed in the smashing of my car.

ironically, my left headlight had burned out over the weekend, and with all the travelling yesterday and today, i was unable to get that replaced. was planning on doing that tomorrow. the state trooper guy kindly recommended that i make my way up to maryland house and get the mechanic to install a new bulb for the non-smashed headlight.

so i guess tomorrow i go get an estimate on getting this shit fixed. tonight, i'm sitting down at maryland house, sipping tea, writing, and trying to get over the adrenaline that kicked in when i got smashed up by an errant tire.

woke up today to the sound of leaves hitting the house. fall has fallen in berwyn; the number of leaves on the ground this morning was dramatically greater than yesterday. down in annapolis, everything is still a little bit greener than in pennsylvania, and the leaves haven't quite started to drop yet.

yesterday i drove out to pittsburgh for work. driving across PA this time of year is glorious. i took a couple pictures, in the early hours of the morning, of the mist rising through the rust and gold mountains, but i don't know that they'll really do it any justice. i think maybe i need a large-format camera for that kind of thing.

met up with msdreadful for lunch, and she is, as expected, a fabulous person. she steered me toward a funky little peruvian resturant. i've never had peruvian food before - hell, i didn't even know that peruvians HAD food. they do, and it was quite good. black beans are always a plus. and the inca cola was interesting - urine colored, like mountain dew or mellow yellow, but unlike american marketed products, the color was not hidden by colored plastic, inca cola is a sort of "cream soda" with a destinctive banana flavor. we spoke of macedonia, of religion, of northeast philly and improv, of fish bones and futures, and many other things.

i'm reminded again of what a weird, fucked up, and cool place pittsburgh is. downtown is, well, downtown. it's the only downtown i know of that shuts down at 4pm, and by 6pm, the only people left are the homeless. the rest of the city is carved into the hills surrounding the rivers, the architecture of the city itself (not the buildings, but the city) defined by the topology of the land. everything is brick, the industrial building block of choice. but the bricklayers of pittsburgh are artisans, not mere laborors, and even the lowliest working-class rowhomes are built with a quality of workmanship and an artistic flair that surpasses the meanness of the building material. no italian marble here, or granite pillars. the brick edifices here have acquired a grace and dignity of their own.

so, i think the time has come to make my way north, me and my broken headlights and mirrors, to home and hearth and spouse and puppy.


i'm home now. the moon is full and bright, illuminating the clouds with an internal glow. the dog has propped
her rubber toy on my hip and is chewing the end - squeek, squooch, squeek. i'm tired, but strangely wired.

tomorrow is a full lunar eclipse, i've been told. see y'all there...
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