brni (brni) wrote,

i'm a car crash, now tell me, baby, does it show?

Emma Bull - Territory: I'm taking it in small pieces, savoring each bite. I want to make it last.


Beowulf: lsaboe and I met up with thelost1, earlofgrey and Ben for the IMAX 3D experience. It wasn't what I expected. I'd deliberately avoided watching trailers or reading anything about it, to the extent that was possible. And I knew that there was a lot of CGI and such, but I guess I didn't realize the whole thing was animated. When Grendel first burst through the mead hall doors, I almost expected Shrek - "Have any of you seen my Donkey? OW!" Whack I believe that the nekkid fight scene could have been improved if the three blind mice and the gingerbread man had a chance to beat on Grendel with their canes and crutches.

The IMAX 3D thing was pretty brilliant, but perhaps overdone? At a certain point the hyper-3Dism of it seemed to distract from the movie.

Grendel was nothing like I imagined him. Of course, my image of Grendel is forever shaped by the John Gardner novel bearing his name, and in particular, that cover. Grendel's mom was nothing like I'd imagined her, either, but, y'know, I can be flexible. (The watery high heels were a bit much, though, for pre-xtian denmark, or are all femme fatales just assumed to come with heels pre-installed?)

I liked that Beowulf was a hero of the Old School, proud and boastful and arrogant, and pretty much an asshole, but also brave and powerful and just a bit stupid. If he were a comic book hero, he'd be in spandex that accentuated his crotch, with a large T emblazoned across his powerful pecs - Captain Testosterone, at your service. And I liked that it dealt with pre-xtian religion and human fallibility in a fairly honest way.

After the movie, we loaded my car with millions of Things from my basement and delivered them to Jack's Fort in South Philly, where they shall hopefully be of use once more.


Have spent the last couple days brainstorming faerie stories. So what happens when you mix jazz, flappers, Prohibition, Absinthe and the Fey?
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