brni (brni) wrote,


computers suck.

installed battery update v1.3 last month as recommended. battery update v1.3 is supposed improve battery performance. it upgrades the firmware in the computer and in the battery. any battery you add after that is automatically updated as well.

in theory.

over the last month my battery has started to suck really bad. i get maybe an hour. stupid battery.

so i figure that it's been a year+, and maybe it's just time for a new battery. but microcenter doesn't have apple batteries for my mac. they just have the knockoff brand, which didn't work. all i got was a black X and no battery action. plus it was flimsy, so i took it back and ordered a real apple battery from

it arrived today. i installed it. i got a black x. fuck. did some googling. followed the first set of instructions the apple support page. followed the second set of instructions. followed the third set of instructions.

my new battery is still not seen by the computer.

even better: my OLD battery is not seen by the computer either.



eta: have i mentioned the new endearing trend of shutting off randomly?
Tags: frelling computers
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