brni (brni) wrote,

sharing may be an ayn randian thoughtcrime, but...

courtesy of greygirlbeast:

And, speaking of sharing, here's the revised list of freecycling items looking for a new home:

  • Oster juice extractor

  • Small plant table (round - approx pizza sized)

  • 2 window fans - sit in the window, multispeed

  • Unleded (brand) utility vest - black with billions of pockets. looks vaguely bulletproofvestish.

  • Black&Decker Steamworks wallpaper stripper

  • Pack&Roll portable cart - essentially a fold-out milk carton with wheels and an extendable handle

  • Misc grip strengthening exercisers

  • Pharoah Legend Discovery Kit (from the Tut exhibit) - excavate your own personal mummy! (or use the pieces to choke children under the age of 3!)

  • Juice Box personal media player - Mattel's proprietary mp3/vid player, designed for kids. Pretty useless, except that it is hackable, for those who want a project...

  • Books (all duplicate copies we ended up with, somehow):
    • Dan Brown "Digital Fortress" paperback
    • Thomas Harris "Red Dragon" paperback
    • "The Confessions of St Augustine"
    • Luis Borges "Fictiones"

  • Diplomacy - board game

  • Nordictrak Pro ski machine - we got it used, used it a couple times and shoved it in a corner

  • 3' aquarium/reptile heat lamp

  • Krups coffee pot - worked last time we used it

  • misc CD racks
    • 1 small black plastic desktop model
    • 1 less small wooden desktop model

  • Black & Decker "flavor scenter handy steamer(tm)" - don't remember ever using

  • sweater dryer rack (never used)

  • brass three-bulb wall-lamp thingie (maybe for bathrooms?) never used

  • homedics back massager thingie" - fits in your chair.

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