brni (brni) wrote,

the weather is variable and so are you

Persimmon pudding is in the oven and the house smells amazing.

In 45 minutes we'll be on the road to pick up Linda's dad, then to my bro's house.

About 3 minutes ago it suddenly became very dark, and Linda asked, "Is it supposed to rain today?"

A quick look at and no, today's forecast is "partly cloudy" all day. No rain.

"No rain today," I told Linda, and the wind picked up and heavy drops started to fall.

"I think the planet is telling us something," she said. "I think it's really pissed."

I clicked on "details" on's forecast, and sure enough, it still says partly cloudy and alla that, but it also has in big letters:

Forecast data
no longer valid

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.
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