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conspicuous consumption

We got out for under $400.


Caught the 4:37 Acela from Philly to NYC, managed to flag down a cab to take us to 111 8th Ave. Daniel was already there working on his stuff. I put together and mounted fiber patch panels and mucked with some other stuff, and then it was time to meet Avi's friend Danny for dinner at 8pm. They'd decided to go to Craftsteak, but Danny couldn't get a reservation until 9, so we went across the street to Morimoto's for a sushi appetizer.

I figured that a steakhouse wasn't gonna offer me much by way of food (and I was right--I ordered a few veggie sides, asking the waiter for recommendations as I explained that I don't eat meat, and still most of them came drenched in beef gravy), so I ordered enough to get me by. My meal:

* kappamaki (not as good as hana's)
* spicy tuna roll (not as good as hana's, but pretty damn good nonetheless)
* the cheap sashimi dish (cheap == $35. they had 2 other sashimi offerings, at $100 and $150)

I was actually very surprised by the quantity of fish I got, considering that a bowl of miso soup runs $12. And it was all amazing, except the spanish mackerel, which was less than I'd hoped. The tuna was sliced very thinly and turned into a rose, and was some of the freshest, tastiest tuna I'd ever had.

Avi and Danny ordered Fugo. We decided it was best for the company if Avi and I didn't both eat Fugo on the same day. Why?, you ask. Fugo is Blowfish, the intensely toxic fish that has to be perfectly prepared or the person who eats it dies a horribly painful death. No antidote known. Yes, flirt with death for only $50 a plate.

Avi was unimpressed with the Fugo.

There were also outrageously priced Kobe steak dishes consumed.

I crave meat very rarely, and when I do it's either bacon or (the gods save me) Kentucky Fried Chicken original recipe. But my mouth was watering over the Kobe beef.

Considerable expense is spent on presentation at Morimotos. One of the dishes, some sort of foie gras on an oyster on an oyster shell dish, came served on a bed of sea salt rock. It's not there to eat. Or for flavor. It looks cool, and sorta smells like salt. Is a hell of a lot of salt to throw out, tho. IMO.

Anyway, we stuffed ourselves for an hour, paid $380, then walked across the street for dinner.

Dinner for me at Craftsteak consisted of a salad, a piece of bread, and the mixed mushrooms appetizer. Actually, after the salad I realized that I was done, and Avi ate most of the mushrooms. The other veggies were all dripping with meat.

Cost of the Craftsteak meal, for 4? $314. Given how amazingly rude the the waiter was (left us sitting without drinks or anything for half an hour after the table had been cleared before he bothered bringing the check, and when he did, he walked over without a word, dropped it (literally) on the table and walked off), I suspect the tip, if any, was insignificant.

Total food budget for 3 hours of food? Approx $700.

I dunno what to even think about that.
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