brni (brni) wrote,

in which Yr Belov'd Narrator is made a Villain

Friday (or perhaps thursday? what IS time, anyway?), the spousal unit's older son IMed me from Japan asking if he could use a photoshopped picture of me for a villain in a gaming module he's writing. I'm not entirely sure what that says about what he thinks of me being with his mom... Consent granted, and this morning a copy of the image was waiting in my inbox.

Not terribly villainous-looking, I fear. Perhaps I need fangs. westlinwind, the dark-cloaked figure behind me is you.


When I started taking karate some 10-12 years ago, I pulled out my previous eyes as the sacrificial lenses to the Gods of the Empty Hand. I didn't expect them to last long, especially with Joe M.'s Tasmanian-devil/golden-retriever-puppy hybrid sparring tendencies, but I had prior iterations of lenses to sacrifice, so I didn't much care. They have been bent, mangled, lenses popped out and sent flying across the dojang, but always I was able to twist them back into functionality.

On Thursday I was sparring with Miles, who is 15, I think. He kept his distance. "I don't wanna hit you. You're too big. You'll hurt me," he said. I promised him I wouldn't hit him. So he threw some kicks and punches. One O Soto Gari later and he's on the ground. I let him out of the choke to see what he'd do, and he threw his leg over my head, trying for an arm-bar, clipping me in the face with his heel.

These glasses have survived many beatings, but he managed to bend the frame just below the arm so the lens won't stay in, and the tiny screw stripped out. Alas. You have served me well this past decade.


Last night we went to the annual turkey festival at Dave (aka Anonymous) and Chris's house, partook of the the copious wine and of the fruits of the harvest. Linda ate some of the turkey. All together now: "Shame, shame, shame." Saw dsseven and oblivion1970 there. Was hoping to see Mariellen, but either she wasn't there or we'd missed her again.

Dave, we need to see each other more than once a year.

I left the party with a new toy - a Serenity promotional package that Dave's been holding on to for me for the last year. There is, of course, much cheesy marketing crap, but there's some cool stuff, too. Like blueprint schematics for Serenity (the ship), and a hip flask. I'm sure I'll make good use of that.



EDIT: It's not a Serenity promo package. It's a Firefly promo package, with a video cassette of the premier episode. EVEN BETTER!
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