brni (brni) wrote,

as seen on tv

Today we were watching some show on the critters of yellowstone park. Well, Linda was watching and I was half-watching; the other half was working on re-writing a proposal letter for the karate school. And the show was focused on wolves. The narrator called the pack of wolves they were focusing on "The Druids." They had a territory in a particularly fruitful valley. There were coyotes as well. The wolves would make a kill and sometimes they'd let the coyotes feed on the leavings, and sometimes they'd chase them off.

Another wolf pack (the narrator called them "The Slews") moved in on the territory, killed some of the Druid wolves and drove them from the valley. Later, they made a kill, then allowed the coyote to approach the kill. When he came close, the pack leader led four others in running him down and ripping him apart. Couldn't help feeling a bit of kinship there.

A few months later, after the wolves had denned and had pups, a mysterious wolf pack came out of the mountains, attacked the Slews and drove them out of the valley. They then stood guard outside the den until all of the Slews pups had died. Then they left the valley.

They didn't sow salt into the soil, but damn it was like Carthaginian karma.
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