brni (brni) wrote,

adventures in modern living - a summary

Yesterday, westlinwind, sip_dog, the wee kate-child and I drove to New York City, where we saw Lions guarding books, domes with stars, a Michael Jackson impersonator and many gargoyles. We met up with meanix at Grand Central Station and had food, and then ran off to the New Victory Theater to see Neil Gaiman's The Wolves in the Walls, put on by Improbable and the National Theatre of Scotland.

It was brilliant and delightful, and everyone had the cutest Scottish accents, even the wolves.

The weekend before was FaerieCon. westlinwind joined lsaboe and me for a trip into Philly for the Bad Faerie Ball. We met meanix there, and went to eat Malaysian Fusion food (where they served us without blinking, despite David being mostly nekkid, and green). At the Ball itself we met up with my brother and his girlfriend there, and then found a Hornéd Jack (earlofgrey) and a devilishly seductive angel (swirl_girlx).

There's more pictures at

The next day, Linda and I visited the actual convention, accompanied by belovdpoet (whose shirt attracted many a delighted comment) and Linda's friend Christine. We met Forest Rogers, who is amazing and wonderful, and listened to a fascinating panel about spirit and shamanism. I found something that needed to make it's way to ossobucco (and which should be showing up any day now, if it hasn't gotten lost in customs).

Also had fun talking to the raw silk clothing folks. While talking fabrics with the one guy, it came out that the shirt I was wearing was made of bamboo. "Really?" He touched it. He called to his wife (a designer). She came over, fondled my shirt. "That's really soft," she said. There was a glint in her eye; she was already sketching in her mind. She turned to her husband. "And it's naturally anti-microbial."

She took a step back and looked me over.

"It drapes nicely, too."
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