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well, today the internet works. i've been trying to get onto the internet since arriving in this city, but there was no happiness to be found. the city's providers apparently get their connectivity through a sat link to slovenia, and when that goes down, everything goes down. and it seems to go down a lot.

i've been writing a journal, thoughts and observations. i'd hoped to be able to post the stuff up as
time permitted, but i'm not able to connect my laptop up in these places - it's use their peecees or nothing, which is a pain in the buttocks, because there's no AIM client, no ssh client, etc etc etc.

it's now 10:30, which is 4:30am EDT. i'm going to go look for some turkish coffee (i think that we need to get turkish coffee offered at the gryphon cafe - it's a cool thing). talk to y'all later

Tags: macedonia
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