brni (brni) wrote,

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

So we're watching Clint Eastwood's documentary on Tony Bennett, and of course there's all spots of all sorts of people, and suddenly Linda yells "HEY, it's Mitch Miller!" And the guy looks sorta familiar, but wtf do I know from Mitch Miller, right? So she tells me about Mitch - he's played oboe, had a band, was pretty famous in the 50s and early 60s. "He had an album, Sing-Along with Mitch, that came with all these sheets of music. My parents would have parties, and they'd pass around the sheet music and put the album on, and everyone would, you know, sing along with Mitch!"

Which is perhaps one of the more absurd things to base a party on.

So you know, it's gotta happen.

It's just gotta.

I wonder if the CD still comes with sheet music?
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