brni (brni) wrote,

psychic psydewalk

About a month back, I was sittin' in the Gryphon Cafe, pulled up Soul Search on my laptop and started reading. I got to a section where the main character eats some candy corn. And I thought, Wow, I haven't had candy corn in a really long time. And when I say "thought," what I mean is "crave." Which is just plain weird, because I don't really like candy corn.

So, it's time to go, I pack stuff up, I walk out the door, and there's candy corn strewn all over the sidewalk in front of the cafe.

Today, I stopped at the drug store to refresh a prescription and my eye caught on a bag of swedish fish. mmmmm.... swedish fish... I went from the drug store to the cafe to get some lunch, and miracle of miracles, there's a parking space directly in front of the cafe. I pull in, go to put some quarters in the meter.

Wanna guess what's sitting on the sidewalk directly under the meter in front of my car?
Tags: fish!
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