brni (brni) wrote,

what is and what will be

on sunday i get on a plane and cross the big pond. we're landing in frankfurt and spending a little bit of time with my Onkel Johann (aka Chiko Jovica, aka Uncle Johnny), then off to Skopje, in macedonia. i'm taking a laptop with me - not this one, but my old one, an ancient (1998) sony vaio with a japanese keyboard. the battery's dead, so i've ordered a new battery, and i picked up a power converter. trying to figure out all the things i'll need for this trip. haven't been to europe since the early 80s. wars have been fought since i've been there last.

last friday we drove up to princeton and saw bela fleck and the flecktones. these people are amazing. i remember watching victor wooten playing and thinking now i understand where the ideas of selling your soul for your art come from it was brilliant. victor plays, well, i have no idea how he does what he does with a bass. jeff coffin plays a mean sax. futureman plays this strange creation called the synthaxe drumitar. bela fleck sorta hangs out on stage, looking like an engineer or an english professor (there was some debate about this), playing his banjo, calmly smiling, amused and happy just to be playing.

on saturday we went to see shawn of the dead, a brilliant spoof of dawn of the dead. been a long time since i've seen anything that funny. the movie got an ovation when the credits rolled. been a long time since i've seen that happen.

been reading these amber books that my brother loaned me. these are a series written by a john bettancourt, using roger zelazny's characters and worlds. he's awful. there's no poetry in his prose, and he stomps all over the page like a drunken rhino. bastard.
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