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My first girlfriend, from high school, and I had broken up in 11th grade. By the time we were off to college, we'd rebuilt a friendship on the ruins of the relationship. Cara went off to Penn State in State College, central PA, and met a whole crew of wonderful hippy friends. I would come and visit on occasion, and got to know a few of them to varying degrees. I never got to become very close to Clay, but she was smart and kind and certainly memorable.

Cara emailed me yesterday. Apparently Clay and her 2 daughters were in an accident with a truck. The truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. All three of them were dead.

Today, Cara emailed me a link to a story about the accident.

I haven't managed to finish it yet.

It's chilling.

I've been in that accident.

Some of the minor details are different. But on the whole, it's the same thing, down to the model of car.

In 1993, I stopped stopped my Honda Civic at a red light and a truck slammed into me from behind at 60+ mph. If anyone had been in the back or in the passenger seat, they'd have been pushed headfirst through the roof of the car. But unlike Clay, I didn't have any passengers. And unlike Clay, I missed the oncoming traffic.

Goodbye, Clay. The world's lost a good person.
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