brni (brni) wrote,

Some stories write themselves. They spring Athena-like from the fingertips. This one?

539 words on the Paxton Boys story, 4 painstaking paragraphs.

Then, on the way home, I noticed that the Mercedes dealership had a buncha these things out front, so I stopped in and took a look. It's interesting, drives nicely, is actually comfortable for not-tiny 'Mercan like me, and all that. I would like very much to have a tiny eco-friendly car that fits two-to-a-parking-space, but I think this ain't it. It's got the right physical footprint, but... It only gets 40+mpg even though it's only 3 cylinder. My Scion XB gets 32mpg, and it's actually useful for lugging stuff around. And at $12-17k? I don't think so.

The proper format for these things should be the same type of format, but it should get more like 55-60mpg, even at the cost of a bit of sportiness. And it should be less than $10k.


After that, there were sesame crusted tuna burgers on the grill and a wonderful salad.

And now there are Dr. Who reruns on the DVR ("Are you my mummy?"), and a frightening advertisement for a deodorant called Degree in which a woman flees her bathroom and runs around town with visible "fragrance" trailing from her ass.

Also, there are margaritas
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