brni (brni) wrote,

i'm losing myself in bits

So, there's been a fiber cut last night in Ohio that's apparently affecting a lot of traffic crossing the continent, as well as traffic in Canada. This is affecting Cogent, Telia, Level(3) and Verizon (and therefore, to some degree or another, lotsa folks).

Recently reported via mailing list, Telia has the following to say:

"Concerning the cable break near Cleveland we have been informed that the
cables have been intentionally sabotaged. The provider informed that they
need to change the whole damaged fibre part and that is 3600 feet. Fibre has
been ordered and ETA is 1900 UTC. Once the fibre arrives they need to blow
it into the 3600 feet long duct before the splicing can start."

More details at

It's not terribly difficult to sabotage fiber. It's quite a bit more difficult to do so in a way that targets critical pieces and then does so in a way that makes it difficult to repair quickly. I'll be very curious to see what comes out of this.


edit: seems that someone likes to play with guns
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