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I was waiting for my next class, bored out of my mind and paging through a castoff newspaper, when the word "Bunnydrums" caught my eye. I read through the review of their debut album, PKD, which was named after one of my favorite authors, and thought, I have got to get this.

That was 1983. By 1985 they'd put out a second album and broke up, before I'd gotten a chance to see them live.

Years later I met Phil Niccolo of Studio 4 through a friend, and got to talking with him about (what else) music, and discovered that he'd recorded those albums. He told me then that he was planning on re-engineering them and putting out a CD. I'd run into him every once in a while over the next 15 years, and he'd say, "Yeah, yeah, it'll be out soon." Yeahright. And then, in 2003, PKD/Simulacra was released, containing the bulk of their two albums.

I discovered yesterday via The Compendium that they've reformed.

"One of the main things that has made Bunnydrums' regrouping now timely," Marc Laurick (the band's bassist) begins, "is the resurgence in the similarities of the time periods. The Philly music underground is fairly similar [now] to how it was during the post punk 80's. I honestly feel that it's currently driven by the Halliburton-White House of today. There has been a consolidation of the underground as a result."

Marc continued with this analogy, saying "There are more independent performances and alternative venues and the shared networking goes on strong. If you think about the early scene, we had a similar situation and a common aesthetic and we had the Reagan White House. The similarities are pretty uncanny." for sounds and videos and such for more sounds (listen to "Too Much Time" and remember mushrooms)
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