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The used book store I mentioned having closed a few weeks back - well, I saw the door open and the lights on so I went over. There was a guy there, shifting books around and such. He's from the local literacy council, and was there to clear off bookshelves and take them to their office - they were being donated. And I got the story of what happened.

Y'see, I'd been going to this bookstore since I was a kid. I remember not being able to reach the top shelves, and having to drag a chair around to see all the books. The woman who owned the shop got sick a few years back. For a while some of her friends ran the shop for her, but when it became clear that she wasn't going to survive, she found a successor to own the shop. She died last year.

The new owner ran it for a while and then, apparently, lost interest. She split. Apparently she split and left everything there.

The property manager is trying to clear the place out and rent it. People are coming by to see the place. The shelving has all been donated. There's boxes and piles of books everywhere. Apparently, she's trying to figure out what to do with the books, and is open to suggestion.

I haven't met her, but I suspect that, like me, she thinks it a sin to throw out a book, and is trying to avoid bringing in a dumpster and tossing it all in a landfill. The books range from romance novels to physics texts and everything in between.

If anyone has any suggestion about what can be done with this (especially if they are concrete suggestions), let me know so I can pass them on, or I can get you her contact information.
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