brni (brni) wrote,

short analysis of the mitt romney web site

(for the benefit of mr carver)

The first thing that struck me was the pervasive sports metaphor. Go Team Mitt! Um. Yeah. This ain't a game.

Second thing I noticed was that every picture showed Mit's wife standing on his left hand side (where, in conservative mythology, she belongs?), sometimes surrounded by awestruck fans. Symbolically, this is the "subordinate/lesser" side. Jesus sits at the right hand of God. Back in the early 90s I did 2 hours of 15 second random samples of TV advertisements, and noticed that almost universally, when a man and a woman were on the screen together, the woman was on the left hand side of the man. The only times that the man was on the left hand side of the woman were when they were in the woman's "proper realm": the kitchen or the laundry room.

Third thing was that substance seemed to be depreferenced. Big news: Mitt's on Jay Leno! Also, learn how Mitt and Ann fell in love. And look! Mitt hosted the Olympics! And then contribute. And watch "MittTV." Oh yeah. He also has some statements about some issues in there somewhere.

Actually, I lie.

The first thing I saw was: "Mitt Needs You, America Needs You." That statement implies "Mitt == America." I tend to disagree.


edit: found the Photo Gallery - damn. look at all them white folks. so here's the challange. how many black people can you find on this web site?
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