brni (brni) wrote,

a fragment from my memoirs

So one day my father went to my elementary school for parent-teacher conferences. At the end of their discussion, the teacher said to my father, "You know, you're not at all what I expected."

"What do you mean?" my father asked.

"Well, Brni said that you are very conservative."

And when my father got home, he took me to task. "Why are you telling people that I'm conservative?" He sounded upset.

"You are."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well," I said, "you're always telling us to turn off the lights and close the refrigerator, and to shut the doors. 'Conserve energy.' 'Are you trying to heat the whole neighborhood?' And you're always telling us not to waste food. And..."

And so that day my father told me about the Liberals and Conservatives. Didn't make much sense to me then. Conserve means to save things and protect things. But Conservatives wanted to make sure we couldn't force people to save energy or protect the environment. Still doesn't make much sense to me.
Tags: memoirs
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