brni (brni) wrote,

tonight's dinner

there should be rice. it probably makes sense to start the rice before prepping the other stuff, especially if you're using brown rice the way you're supposed to. i always forget. fortunately linda doesn't.

so, it's also useful to have 2 woks, one large/normal sized, and one small. if you don't have a small wok, you want some other small, deep pan that'll allow you to deep-fry without using gobs of oil.


    soy sauce
    black bean sauce
    peanut oil (or, if you are allergic to peanuts, some other oil that works with high heat)
    hot chili oil
    toasted sesame oil
    juice of a lime (or half a lime if it's exceptionally juicy)

    fresh tofu, firm is good - dried, cubed
    garlic - couple cloves, minced
    ginger - 'bout an inch worth, minced
    snow peas
    green beans
    fresh basil - a good handful, ripped
    1 scallion - chopped
    1 small onion or 1/2 large onion - sliced into rings and bisected
    shitake mushrooms - sliced
    normal mushrooms - cubed
    1 small hot pepper, minced, or part of a jalepeno, minced
    bean sprouts

1) using the small wok, and enough peanut and sesame oil (about 3:1 ratio), fry the tofu until crispy-ish. let drain on a paper towel.

NOTE: use "very hot heat," as one chinese chef i heard on tv said

make mushroom dish:
1) heat large wok, and pour oil from tofu fryage into it. supplement with additional peanut oil if needed.
2) throw 1/2 of the minced garlic and all of the onion into the oil, stir occassionally until you see the onions start to brown, and your spouse says "I smell garlic burning."
3) throw mushrooms into the mix, stir until onions are translucent where they aren't brown, and mushrooms look "done" (whatever that means)
4) throw half the tofu in, mix until it all looks nicely coated
5) pour in "some" soy sauce, "some" tamari, a big glob of black bean sauce, and a little bit of water, stir, and bring to a boil.
6) throw in half the basil, a handful of bean sprouts, mix briskly, turn off heat and pour the contents into a dish.

rinse out wok - careful, remember it is HOT

make snow pea and green bean dish
1) re-heat wok, add peanut oil, add a teaspoon worth of hot chili oil
2) add: rest of garlic, ginger and minced hot pepper, mix, then immediately add green beans. cook maybe a couple minutes.
3) add: rest of tofu and snow peas, keep stirring
4) when veggies get a "deep" green color, add soy sauce, lime juice, and basil. stir until basil starts to wilt. do not overcook
5) add scallions, mix, turn off heat immediately

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