brni (brni) wrote,

All week, Loki would sit in her bed, upright, and stare at me. Usually, she eschews her bed (or chews her bed - but that was the last couple beds; she hasn't chewed this one yet), choosing to nest on the sofa pressed uncomfortably against me, and trying to get her head between my hands and my laptop. But this past week, she just stared at me miserably. what have you done?, her eyes burned at me, and, or is it something I did?

We had to put her out back when we brought Linda in, until we could get her settled into a recliner. Then we let the dog in, and she proceeded to climb (carefully) all over linda, getting every scent, and giving nigh-human kisses.

She's been following Linda around since then, getting into bed when Linda does, trying always to be in contact with her.


I'd like to thank, once again, everyone who contributed to helping out over the last week. Lori and Gordon and Kim and especially Krys (who cleaned my house when I was too sick to figure out how to work the vacuum).


Linda was describing the hell that was waking up after the surgery. I'm trying to get her to write/post. I'm not sure I'd do her justice. She was unaware of where she was when we first saw her - everything was bright lights and loud noises and strange faces, and stranger masks. And then, she said, she saw Krys's eyes, and it was the first thing she'd seen that she knew. "I want to draw what her eyes looked like to me, but I think it would make me cry."

"Why?" I asked.

But she was already crying.

And when she was done, I got her her drawing pad and a sharp pencil.
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